Parent Rooms

What better way to talk to parents than through our 72 Parent Rooms, whilst in the act of parenting. Our Parent Room portfolio provides the opportunity to advertise in one of the most targeted and unique media platforms. Essentially placing your brand at the point of purchase AND point of use for many baby products is the best place for young parents to see your brand.

By obtaining 100% themeing of the entire room with an array of panels, decals, brochures and SMS response options, you can completely take advantage of the situational relevance this medium provides to you.

TLC truly offering the ideal opportunity for any brand targeting parents.

30 Shopping Centres with "Parent Rooms" Nationally

We offer "100% exclusivity" in 72 parent rooms, with multiple media products available, including sampling.

Innovative & Exciting Washroom Media Products

Quality Posters

Large Format Door Wraps

Mirror Decales


Floor Graphics

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